Focus: Define and Find

Focus: Define and Find


Define your market and create your next customers with data services.

  • Profiling: review customer characteristics (demographics, firmographics) to identify specific segments based on attributes or location
  • Modeling: set specific criteria for new lists for cross-selling and retention
  • Prospecting: dive into and mine the details to discover new prospects based on similarities to existing customers
  • Data Strategy: Refine data through analysis, appending and segmentation to deliver more relevant communications via targeted messaging


Build your pipeline with lists

  • Business: business lists are commonly selected by type of business but many other characteristics (firmographics) are available including annual sales and number of employees
  • Consumer: consumer lists are used to find individual by income, gender, age and many other characteristics (demographics) including interests, spending patterns, health concerns
  • Residential: residential lists are a great low-cost way to reach all single family homes, all residences or every single address in a zip code or smaller geographical area. Expertise and exact mapping of areas help with exact targeting to reach very specific areas with minimal unneeded spending
  • Pool Owners: lists can include information about swimming pools and homes, these lists are very useful for pool maintenance and pool construction companies
  • Compiled lists: take information from multiple sources to make the information more accurate, deliverable and relevant
  • Controlled lists: allow you to reach specific audiences like children and people with specific ailments
  • Response lists: reach people who have previously purchased products and are more likely to favorably respond to your offer
  • Donor lists: reach people with characteristics that make them more likely to help your non-profit or charitable cause
  • Voter lists: lists available to political candidate to reach likely voters